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End grained edges

Product specification

Wood types:Oak, Beech, European Maple, American Walnut, European Cherry, additional wood types on demand
Thickness:approx. 1,2 mm
Minimum quantity:100 rm
Backcoating:special support with primer
Information:all end grained edges are provided with a protective coat which avoids that the edges dry out until they are lacquered

Art.No. HH 025

Art.No. HH 025 End grained edge Sycomore

Art.No. HH 031

Art.No. HH 031 End grained edge Beech

Art.No. HH 019

Art.No. HH 019 End grained edge European Cherry

Art.No. HH 002

Art.No. HH 002 End grained edge American Walnut

Art.No. HH 050

Art.No. HH 050 End grained edge Oak

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